NEW: digital driver’s guide (service manual)

From now on, a digital version of Prins’ driver’s guide is available online at our website. In this driver’s guide you can find all necessary information such as: important information about driving on Autogas (LPG), system instructions and maintenance. With this digital guide you have access to this manual at any place and time.

When you are having your car converted to LPG, you will receive a ‘driver’s guide card’/service card which refers to this web page. We advise to keep this card, together with the warranty certificate, tank certificate and maintenance registration and your other vehicle papers, in your glove compartment.

We advise to read this digital driver’s guide before driving on Autogas (LPG).

Considering an LPG conversion for your car? Running your car on LPG directly contributes to a cleaner living environment, and contributes to your savings by significantly reducing your fuel costs. We offer high quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions for a wide variety of engine type. Check the possibilities for your car.